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@  MblaqFanatic : (30 June 2016 - 04:53 PM) i still haven't saved all photos :( all my saved pics are gone and now i had to save them all again. i pity myself XD
@  MblaqFanatic : (30 June 2016 - 04:53 PM) ahhh so tomorrow is the day when this page will go offline. i will miss this page. i love it so much. i hope one day A+ can open another one.
@  ☆sunshine : (20 May 2016 - 07:45 PM) our subbed videos are still partially on our Youtube (sinaq2, sinaq3, sinaq4) accounts and dailymotion (sinaqsubs). For any videos not uploaded on those channels, you'd have to download them yourself while the links are posted here on the forum. I'll look into transferring the links to a Tumblr/Facebook post! ^^
@  min-nah : (04 May 2016 - 09:20 AM) i will miss you all T_______________T
@  imblaqfan : (05 April 2016 - 03:26 PM) What will happen to all your subbed videos? Will you post them elsewhere?
@  Sushicow : (24 February 2016 - 08:42 AM) <3
@  merlinka : (14 February 2016 - 05:21 PM) miss u tooTT
@  TG♥MBLAQ : (12 February 2016 - 10:58 PM) Hello A+ miss you all
@  YangTiffany : (18 January 2016 - 06:26 AM) @kien2911 those are AWESOME! tykeys <3
@  kien2911 : (16 January 2016 - 03:38 AM) hai everyone :) nice to meet you. there is someone who still have G.O MV in TYKES day?
@  MblaqFanatic : (14 January 2016 - 07:58 PM) @mblaq5love
@  MblaqFanatic : (14 January 2016 - 07:58 PM) it's an @ and not a q
@  MblaqFanatic : (14 January 2016 - 07:58 PM) @ NoodleGirl85 i want to be friends with you on insta. i am qmblaq5love XD
@  NoodleGirl85 : (14 January 2016 - 07:24 PM) if ANYONE wants to follow me on twitter you can find me @backstreetS501 or you can even follow my on tumblr @spiritkiss501 or even instagram @idollover501 just let me know your a MBA member and i'll except
@  merlinka : (14 January 2016 - 05:25 PM) it's heartbreakinf for us too. but this is thank to no interest in forums at all..
@  MblaqFanatic : (14 January 2016 - 05:19 PM) why are you doing this to me TT TT TT i loved this page so much. TT TT TT
@  merlinka : (14 January 2016 - 03:11 PM) Thak you for all hard work, feels like crying T-T but it's for the best </3
@  pohlina : (14 January 2016 - 12:27 AM) *lets meet
@  pohlina : (14 January 2016 - 12:26 AM) Though this is sad.. it may be the best to close the forum down... I will continue my support, MBA... so long fellow A+. Lets me in other social media...
@  merlinka : (05 January 2016 - 06:18 PM) Happy New Year <33!!

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Welcome to MBLAQAttack (엠블랙어택 환영사)

  1. Welcome to MBLAQAttack (엠블랙어택 환영사),
  2. Staff Applications (스태프 지원서),
  3. MBLAQ and Staffs ♥ A+s

Welcome to MBLAQAttack, the first international forum for MBLAQ. Come here for all the announcements, news and updates.

최초 국제 엠블랙 팬싸이트인 엠블랙어택에
오신 걸 환영합니다. 여기에 오셔서 모든 공지, 뉴스,그리고 업데이트를 보세요

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Melodic Motion (멜로딕 모션)

  1. Melodic Tutorials,
  2. Resolved Problems

Have questions, suggestions or comments that you would like to make? Come here to tell us! We need your opinions to help the forum constantly improve.

싸이트에 대한 건의,질문,그리고 의견을 내는 곳입니다.싸이트의 발전은 여러분들의 의견으로 이루어집니다

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Melodic Projects (멜로딕 프로젝트)

  1. Completed Projects (완료된 프로젝트)

Want to show your love for MBLAQ? Come here and join in with one of our projects! Participation is always encouraged.
엠블랙에 대한 사랑을 보여주기 위해 저희 프로젝트에 참여해주세요

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A-Plus Attack Radio (에이플 어택 라디오)

  1. A+ Attack Radio Shows

All about our awesome Radio and DJs! Let's Partayyy.
우리 라디오 방송과 디제이들에 관한 곳입니다

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Toggle %s MBLAQ IS A+

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G.O.O.D. News (굿 뉴스)

  1. MBLAQY Entries,
  2. Daum Cafe Messages (다음 카페 메세지),
  3. Official Announcements from J.Tune Camp (제이튠 캠프 공지)

Have translated news to share about the boys? Put them all on here, because us A+s like to know what goes on in the world of MBLAQ!
영어로 번역된 엠블랙에 관한 기사입니다

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Eye Candy (눈 캔디)

Have pictures of the boys that you'd like to share? Come and show us! Eye candy is always good for the health ^^
엠블랙의 사진을 올리는 곳입니다

  • 3497 topics
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Song For You (당신들을 위한 노래)

  2. Y,
  3. BLAQ Style,
  4. BLAQ Style 3D Edition,
  5. Featured Songs (피쳐링한 노래들),
  6. Your Luv,
  7. 내 꿈에서라도 (Even In My Dreams),
  8. Mona Lisa,
  9. Baby U ,
  10. 100%Ver,
  11. BLAQ%Ver,
  12. Sexy Beat,
  13. Love Beat,
  14. Broken 6th Mini Album,
  15. Winter

MBLAQ came together through their passion for music. Come here to find the lyrics to MBLAQ's songs in hangul, but also in romanisation and translations - we have the full package!
엠블랙이 부른 모든 노래들의 가사가 제공되는 곳입니다

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CineBLAQ (씨네블랙)

  1. Streaming Subs

Can't download videos due to slow internet connection? Come here to watch MBLAQ on streamed sites! Best thing? It's free of charge and there are no age restrictions! Are you ready A+? Let's go! Remember, no throwing popcorns at each other!
엠블랙에 관한 영상을 유투브에서 볼 수 있는 곳입니다

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Absolute Melodies (절대적인 멜로디)

Your eyes need resting once in a while, and this is where the ear candies come in. Come here to download audio clips that MBLAQ may be in.
Remember, no uploading official files - we want to support MBLAQ by actually buying their albums!
엠블랙 음성을 다운로드 받을 수 있는곳입니다
엠블랙을 써포트하기 위해 엠블랙 관련 공식 파일을 올리지마세요

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MBLAQ (엠블랙)

  1. MBLAQ Pairings (엠블랙 커플),
  2. Fan Account (팬 후기)

Even if we love MBLAQ individually, they can't be MBLAQ without all the members put together. Come here to discuss and spaz about them as a band!

  • 257 topics
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Seungho (승호)

The multi-talented Yakuza leader overwhelming with charisma will have you falling in love with him over and over again. With his impressive acrobatic dance moves entrancing you further, there is surely no other person who can match up to our one and only, Yang Seungho.

  • 92 topics
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G.O. (지오)

The never-failing, Jung Byunghee will take your breath away with strong soulful vocals, leaving just about everyone weak in the knees. But don't let his charming appearance take you for a loop, his amusing sense of wittiness and fascination with girl groups will leave you intrigued.

  • 62 topics
  • 3544 replies

Mir (미르)

This warm country boy could melt your heart in the blink of an eye. His infectious smile has the ability to mesmerize you and leave you wanting more. So enter the realm of our fearless maknae, Bang Cheolyong and instantly fall for his charms.

  • 79 topics
  • 4204 replies

Toggle %s A+lways One

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Lee Joon (이준)

  1. News,
  2. Videos,
  3. Photos

The infamous, unstoppable 'Ninja Assassin' Lee Changsun graces the stage with his reknowned 4D personality. Is it possible to be more energetic and entertaining than him? This atmosphere-maker will leave you speechless with his 'babo-dol' image.

  • 513 topics
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Thunder (천둥)

  1. News,
  2. Videos,
  3. Photos

Behind the charismatic rapping lies the childish innocence that is Park Sanghyun. Leaving fans gasping for air across the nation with his overwhelming visuals. His soothing voice, mega-watt smile, and sweetness can always brighten up your day.

  • 292 topics
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Toggle %s A+ and Beyond!

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Introductions (자기소개)

  1. A+ Around the World (세계속의 에이플),
  2. The Classroom (교실)

New to the forum? Read the rules? Then it's time for you to come here and introduce yourselves! Feeling scared? Don't worry, we won't bite! We just want to get to know other members of the A+ family~
새로오신분들이 자기소개 하시는 곳입니다
의사소통 걱정 하지마시고 마음껏 자기소개해주세요

  • 1029 topics
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Beyond the horizons (시야 넓히기)

Unfortunately, there's more to life than MBLAQ. Fortunately though, you can discuss it here! Whether it's the latest politics or just a general rant about life, you can come here and discuss it.
Whatever you post here won't go towards your post count!
모든 주제에 대해 마음껏 얘기할 수 있는 자유게시판입니다

  • 137 topics
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Reaching for the stars (타 연예인)

  1. The Big Screen (티비),
  2. Fan Accounts for Other Artists (타 가수 후기)

Come here to discuss other stars that you may be a fan of - MBLAQ aren't the only attractive people in this world!
좋아하는 타 연예인에 대해 얘기를 나누는 곳입니다

  • 143 topics
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Art Attack (미술 어택)

  1. Graphic Requests (그래픽 신청),
  2. Tutorials

Have talent for the visual arts? Come here and share your talents with us!
예쁜 팬아트를 올리는 곳입니다

  • 188 topics
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Written Fantasy (환타지 나라)

  1. Completed (완결),
  2. One Shots (단편),
  3. Rated R (19금),
  4. Outer Circle (타 가수 팬픽)

Ever wondered what would happen if Mir met a dragon, or Thunder was a Greek God? The powers of imagination are simply amazing. Come here and write down your fics here!
상상의 나래가 펼쳐지는 팬픽입니다

  • 169 topics
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Spoken Melodies (멜로디)

  1. A+ Collabs (에이플 합창단)

Have a passion for music and want to be like the boys? Well, this is your chance to shine! Come here to post yourselves performing - singing, dancing... ANYTHING! Who knows, you could be the next J.Tunes trainee and declare MBLAQ as your seniors!
팬들이 춤 추거나 노래를 부르는 걸 올릴 수 있는 곳입니다

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MBA Market (엠블랙어택 시장)

MBA's trading area. Sell or buy stuff at your own risk.
거래가 이루는 곳입니다

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